A Visitor Experience Designed for Families

Beautiful and Accessible

We’re designing the forest with the visitor in mind to make a peaceful, reflective and meaningful experience.

Initial layout of our spreading forest with a visitor center, pathways, benches, and parking. Make it easy and enjoyable for your family to visit their memorial.

An Unforgettable Legacy

The landscaped forest will be designed for visitors, services and families.


Visiting the Forest

Designed for visitors, the forest is accessible and beautiful. The below photos show the forest as it looks today, prior to landscaping.

The forest is designed around the visitor experience and accessibility. Pathways wind throughout the property making it easy to visit your family tree.

There is a range of accessibility when choosing your tree. Some families prefer trees directly on pathways,
while others prefer wilderness areas.

Interior Pathway

Trees are flagged for families to choose their tree. Markers will be placed in front of each tree to identify it for the family.

There are a variety of tree types for you to pick. The most popular are redwoods, pine, tanoak and fir.

A beautiful view of a grove of redwood trees that have grown out of a fallen redwood. These groves can be reserved for a single family.

The primary pathways in the forest are graded for accessibility to make it easy to visit your family tree.

The forest is landscaped to be a welcoming, comfortable experience. You can walk up and touch a majority of the trees near the pathways.

The forest has a number of clearings and elevated areas, making for some spectacular views and gathering places.

For those that prefer the untouched forest, there are a number of wilderness areas where there will be no foot traffic at all.

There are magnificent redwood tries throughout the property. Most of them are over 100 feet tall.

Meadow View

The entrance to the forest greets you with a view over our meadow and the Pacific Ocean.

Being in Mendocino means that the forest is often lightly covered with mist. Walking through the forest on these days is an incredible experience.

Selected trees in a clearing. These areas will be landscaped with benches, pathways and guides.

Every Visit is an Experience

The forest is located in Mendocino county.
Both the drive to Mendocino as well as the area around the forest provide stunning coastline and inland views.

Looking south down the coast on the drive to Mendocino is one of the most spectacular views in California. 

Driving from San Francisco, visitors have the option of taking the Pacific Coast Highway up through Sonoma and its incredible hills.

The fog that regularly covers Mendocino makes for beautiful views on the coast as well as in the forest.

Mendocino provides a stunning coastline setting for all visitors to the forest.

A Welcoming, Beautiful Location

Create a memorial in a location your family will love to visit.


Learn About Your Family Memorial Options

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  • The location of the forest, what trees are available and how you can create a family memorial.
  • How you can get your first choice of tree in any area of the forest you choose.
  • How you can secure a 50% discount on your family memorial.
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