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Mendocino Spreading Forest

Our first spreading forest is located in Mendocino County near Point Arena and is a stunning redwood forest with views of the ocean.

We chose this location because we knew from our first visit that it was the place we wanted for our own families.

Our Mendocino Spreading Forest

We are currently creating landscape designs on the forest for our 2018 opening. The photos below are of the forest today.

Ocean View in Mendocino

A view of the Pacific from the meadow near the entrance

Redwood in Mendocino

A closeup of one of the many redwoods in the forest. Many of these second growth redwoods are well over 100 feet tall.

Primary Pathway in Mendocino Forest

One of the primary pathways in the forest. You have the option of choosing the pathway for your memorial to make your family tree very accessible to visitors.

Ocean View of Sunset

A view of a pathway in the forest where a number of the trees have already been flagged for families to choose.

Primary Pathway Trees

The forest canopy lets in plenty of light making it easy to visit your family tree.

Looking Back at the Pacific

The Better Place Forests Design Team on site at the Mendocino Forest. Forest designs will be complete in early summer 2017.

Mendocino WIlderness Area

Sun shining through a wilderness area of the forest. Sections of the forest have different levels of accessibility to suit your preference.

Want to see more photos of the forest? View a photo gallery of the forest and its future design.

Designed for Visitors

We’re designing the forest with the visitor in mind to make a peaceful, reflective and meaningful experience.

Mendocino Forest Site Plan

Initial layout of our spreading forest with a visitor center, pathways, benches, and parking. We want to make it easy and enjoyable for your family.

A Location Your Family Will Love

Natural Beauty

Mendocino County features vast amounts of undeveloped forest. Perfect for peaceful, natural memorials.

Iconic Redwoods

Our forest is filled with stunning, iconic redwood trees. We felt a redwood forest would be an ideal setting.

Stunning Pacific Coastline

From the drive to the view from our visitor center, views of the Pacific Ocean make for a calming experience.

Redwood Trees in Sun

A grouping of redwoods in the sun in the Mendocino Forest.


California’s Redwood Coast

Our first spreading forest is located in Mendocino County (about 2.5 hours north of San Francisco) and is a beautiful redwood forest with views of the Pacific.

Mendocino Coast
Mendocino Location

The Mendocino coast is a beautiful example of Northern California geography with lush forests and rugged coastline.

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Mendocino Redwood

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