How it works
Return your ashes to the earth beneath a memorial tree your family and friends can visit for years to come.
Get to know us
Let us introduce ourselves and answer your questions. Learn about how we maintain our forests or how we help with personalized planning.
Tour the forest
Experience the sights and sounds of the forest and learn what makes each section unique. Tour online from the comfort of home or in-person with one of our forest guides.
Gather your loved ones
When it’s time, your ashes are mixed with soil and returned to the base of your tree during a personalized memorial ceremony.
Leave a legacy
Give your loved ones a beautiful place to remember you and help protect the forest for future generations.
01 Get to know us
Creating a better place
The end of life experience can now include inspiring locations and reflect the beauty of your story.
Designing a memorial forest
Gorgeous landscapes become forests we will protect. We map sections, pathways and a visitor’s center to create a final resting place set in nature’s beauty.
Offering a complete experience
Each package includes your selected tree as well as the rights to a memorial ceremony and a customized memorial marker. Family, friends and even pets can be included.
Talk to your advisor
Schedule a guided online tour with your dedicated advisor. They’ll walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.
02 Tour the forest
Find your forest
Join a guided online tour or visit in person. You and your loved ones are always welcome to visit the forest.
Plan ahead
Achieve peace of mind knowing you’re doing right by your story, your loved ones and the earth.
03 Gather your loved ones
Ashes to ashes
Your ashes are mixed with soil and placed at the base of your tree continuing the life cycle of the forest.
Celebrate your life
Officiants of your choice lead a private, personal memorial ceremony. After your ashes are placed beneath your tree, wildflower seeds are scattered to symbolize the forest's continuous regrowth.
Mark your tree in memory
A custom memorial marker is reminiscent of those used by the US Geological Survey (USGS) to mark important locations. This signals your special place while respecting the natural aesthetic of the forest.
04 Leave a legacy
Visit the forest and your memorial
Family and friends can visit your tree and the conserved forest at any time. We’ll share travel recommendations to make the experience special.
Share your tree, even with pets
The ashes of loved ones and pets may also be placed beneath your tree if you choose.
Expand your impact
With each reservation, we plant reforestation saplings to reforest areas across America.
Preserve a forest for years to come
We protect your tree and the forest, preserving your legacy for the future.