Your legacy is safe with us: our Peace of Mind guarantee

Whether you’re planning for yourself, a family member, or making arrangements for a loved one, choosing a final resting place is an important and deeply personal decision, one that we know requires thoughtfulness and care. 

With any important decision, we know there are important questions to answer. What if I change my mind? How will my family know which tree is mine? We’re here to help guide you through any questions you may have. Choosing your resting place is a decision that can be made just a little easier knowing that there’s a caring, qualified team there to support you every step of the way. 

Here at Better Place Forests, we want to inspire everyone to write a better ending to their story. Our hope is that choosing a memorial tree within one of our forests — a sustainable alternative to traditional cemeteries — can bring a measure of peace and tranquility, while inspiring a unique connection with nature. 

To ensure that your choice of a memorial tree brings you peace of mind, we offer a 100-day refund period, are committed to protecting the forest and your tree, and provide thorough and heartfelt service — now and for years to come. 

Protecting the forest and your tree

Better Place Forests seeks and secures several layers of land protection to conserve each property and provide our customers perpetual access to their memorials:

  • Our process for protecting land begins by identifying and purchasing land with high conservation value.
  • To care for the ecosystem and individual trees, we set up forest management plans which follow forestry best practices. If your tree becomes sick or otherwise affected in a way that requires removal, our forestry experts will work with you to rededicate your memorial to an established tree or plant a new tree as close as possible to your original tree. The location of the tree will depend on a variety of factors including environmental feasibility, such as access to sunlight, water, and soil nutrients. You may also take solace in the fact that the wood from your deceased tree will remain on-site and foster future growth in the forest.
  • We establish Stewardship Trusts to fund the perpetual management of each forest. A percentage of each tree purchased in a forest will be directed towards this trust. Over time, we intend to place conservation easements on our forests that permanently prevent the development of the land — this is a years-long process that we’re committed to pursuing. 

Your rights to your memorial tree

We know that selecting a memorial tree is meaningful, so we offer you specific protections:

  • If you change your mind for any reason, we provide a 100-day refund period. We encourage you to visit your tree during this time and get to know your forest and our team.
  • Within a 10-year period before you spread ashes, we offer you one transfer to another tree of the same value or as credit towards a tree of higher value. If you transfer to a tree of a lesser value within the refund period, you will receive a refund of the price difference. 
  • When you choose a memorial tree, we grant you an irrevocable license to access that tree, and we record those licenses with local governments. 
  • You have the right to spread ashes at your tree. Based on the applicable Conservation Area Rules and Regulations in each forest, you may choose the number of spreadings you’d like at the time of your purchase, and you may also add additional spreadings later. 

Your access to the forest 

You and your loved ones are welcome to visit the forest throughout the year by appointment and for drop-ins during operating hours. 

  • Our team is made up of environmental professionals, forest stewards, and memorial ceremony specialists. We’re here to help you plan your visit to the forest and your memorial ceremony, and we can help you with refunds, transfers, or any questions you may have.
  • We ask that you schedule an appointment for your first visit so that we can assist you in finding your tree and providing a tour of the entire forest. After your first visit, you are welcome to drop in during operating hours or make an appointment. 
  • We invite you to spend time enjoying the forest. You may bring food and can be joined by your friends, loved ones, and pets on a leash. 

We know that choosing your final resting place is a very personal experience. Our advisors are here to answer your questions and guide you through one of life’s biggest decisions. Book a tour to learn more about what makes each of our forests unique and how we can partner with you to create a truly personalized end-of-life experience.