Helping every person write a better ending to their story
Our mission is to inspire everyone to leave a meaningful legacy for the planet and the people they love. It’s our belief that your legacy can inspire future generations. At Better Place Forests, we support families in their end of life arrangements while conserving natural areas for future generations.
We protect sustainable forests that offer an accessible, beautiful and serene setting
Serene, protected forests
Better Place Forests collaborates with local communities and stakeholders to conserve our forests. To ensure forest health, we hire local experts and adopt forest management best practices to reduce the risk of fire and mitigate the risk of disease.

We also engage with land trusts for conservation easements and work to establish stewardship endowments dedicated to ongoing maintenance of the forest.
Their light but improving touch on the land itself, and their earnest desire to create a sustainable, ethical business model have endeared these people to residents.
Carolyn C.
Neighbor to our Point Arena Forest
Beautiful spaces designed for accessibility
Once we’ve acquired a forest, our team identifies different memorial sections. Arborists catalog the land, clear invasive species and assess the well-being of each tree.

Trail builders create pathways so you can walk around the forest and reflect. They also create wheelchair and ADA‑compliant routes.
Crafting a meaningful visitor experience
Expert architects and landscape designers build a visitor's center that's designed to create a beautiful, natural and open experience – just like the forest around it. It's integrated into the unique landscape of each forest.

To ensure visits are as convenient as they are meaningful, every center includes parking, restrooms and drinking water.
Proud members of the community
We care deeply about playing a positive role in the local community.

We’re committed to being good neighbors by engaging with stakeholders and local jurisdictions to conserve beautiful forestland. We hire locally to ensure that each memorial forest serves its community. We seek opportunities to support local merchants, organizations and educational institutions to become a proud member of each local community.
Better Place Forests has gone out of their way to keep neighbors informed of their plans and progress, been responsive to our concerns and donated toward our community fund-raising activities.
Hal F.
Neighbor to our Point Arena Forest
Frequently asked questions
How do you ensure a forest will stay safe and protected?
The preservation of your tree and the forest is our top priority. Through land trusts, private ownership of the land and a maintenance endowment, we can ensure proper forest stewardship practices for tree health and hold ourselves to the highest standards for maintenance and accessibility.
What happens in the event of a fire or natural disaster?
By following forest management best practices, our arborists work to reduce the risk of fire damage and disease. If any Better Place Forests forest is affected by a fire or other natural disaster, we will work to restore the forest to health and replant or offer free transfers to families with impacted trees.
What if the tree dies?
No matter what your memorial tree’s lifespan—whether its 200 years or 2,000—we'll replant your tree. In most cases, we plant in the same location as your initial selection.
Why wouldn’t a landowner just sell their land to a nonprofit conservation group?
We support landowners by providing an efficient and thoughtful way to conserve their land and serve local communities. Your property could become the next beautiful, sustainable memorial forest.
Property to sell?
We support landowners by providing an efficient, thoughtful way to conserve their land. We're committed to your neighbors and community. Your property could become the next beautiful, sustainable memorial forest.